Web Development

One of the services that EPCS offers is web development services. However, if you are not familiar with technology and websites, you may not be sure exactly what this consists of. To help you get a better understand of what this is, we have broken down the services into a few of the common features that it encompasses. Let us show you what web development consists of and why it is so important for your website and business.

Laying Out Your Website on Paper

Web development involves creating and building a website for your company. This may be because your company does not have a website or because the current website is so user unfriendly that it is not worth salvaging. When a new website is created, a web developer will lay the website out on paper. They will come up with a theme for the webpage and then figure out what all you need in a website. For example, if you are building a webpage for an online casino, the web developer will need to know what games need to be included and how much traffic your website needs to sustain. They will create a basic layout for the website on paper and then get your approval. If it fits what you are looking for, the next step will begin.

Bringing Your Website to Life

The next step in the web development process is to transform a website that is laid out on paper to a website that is on the internet. This involves buying a domain name, getting the site hosted, coding the website and basically bringing it to life. It is during this stage that images are added, tabs and buttons are added and your website finally becomes something that is functional and usable. It is important to note that this is not the final stage in the process. Developing the website will take time and the web developer may meet with you or ask you to look at the website and point out things that you may want to change. This will help ensure that your website is exactly how you had envisioned it.

Adding Content to Your Website

One of the last steps in the web development process is adding content to your webpages. By now you have a webpage that looks great and is starting to slowly look like the type of web page you envisioned in your mind. But the main thing that is missing is content. This is often the words that will go on your page. This may be a blog, product descriptions or the about me page. Some web development companies outsource their web content to writers. However, here at EPCS, we do not do that. Our developers have taken the time to get to know you and get a feel for who you are, what your company has to offer and what your company goal’s are. We believe this insight helps us write the content ourselves, rather than outsourcing it out. Once the content is written, it is added to the website. Once that has been done, your webpage will go live and people can finally begin to view it.

Web development is an extremely important part of having a functional and profitable web business. Some companies skimp on development, and it shows. The website may like thrown together, poorly constructed or cheap. While it does cost money and take time, being patient when it comes to web development will pay off in the long run.